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For the renewed VIC Clinic, a website has been created that uses videos of happy, laughing patients at the clinic.

Sales website of the unique business center Paupio Darboteka, in the new Paupys district of Vilnius Old Town.


We contributed to the services of the financial services company “Faktoro” delivery online.

Interactive touchscreen table application

To present the largest new district under construction in Vilnius “Paupys”, an interactive touchscreen table software has been developed, which is connected to a common sales system.

FJORDCOM brand identity

Renewal of the Scandinavian technology implementation brand and development of new identity tools.

5G tech brand identity

Renewal of the brand of a company engaged in the installation of communication towers abroad in an attempt to link it with IT technologies.


Heritas is a new look at cultural heritage. Thanks to the new website, it has become a platform for all those interested in cultural heritage, its management and cognition

House master services

A business model has been designed and a digital solution for booking house master service online has been created: mobile applications and service booking web portal.

Vilnius Business Park

Is a new business complex with a unique concept. The main goal of the created website is to reveal the uniqueness of the new business park and all the benefits, so interactive animation, large photos and clear graphic elements were chosen for the solution, which help user to get all relevant information and contact project developer quickly.

How do we work?

Mentor portal

The website of the Business Mentors Network of the organization “Versli Lietuva” is the place where experienced entrepreneurs and specialists in various fields free of charge share their knowledge and experience with business representatives, who are seeking progress in their business.

Super G

Super G is the child’s first smart device. Therefore, the main goal of the website is to reveal the uniqueness and interactivity of the smartwatch in the internet from the first impression to the purchasing process.

Online education sales system

Following the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, digitouch! team developed a system for creating and selling online education courses for Professor Tomas Linkevičius. With the help of this system, travel and training around the world has been replaced by the ability to sell an unlimited number of online courses once created.


Development of digital strategies

Development of fully digital strategies – from Consultations, Market research and Strategic Direction to Tactical Action plan and selection of the most effective tools. We are using the Method of 4 digital factors balance.

Service platforms

B2B and B2C services automation and digitization. Creation and Development of attractive and engaging user interface. Assurance of CRM and ERP systems interfaces.

Mobile Apps

Product development for mobile devices. Design and development of flexible Business systems. Development and introduction to the market of Mobile apps for various user groups.


Sales strategy development, most effective formats selection and full implementation for all types of products. Solutions to ensure constant flow of visitors and users.


Strategies of introducing new ideas to the market, finding and fulfilling the key benefits and advantages of an idea. Consultations on technological and digital marketing questions.


Development, design, coding and launching the websites of all types and sizes. Connecting interactions with brand and user experience.

Marketing tools

Using all digital marketing tools such as landing pages, banners, social posts etc.


Innovative Narbutas website is not only for brand image but also interactive catalog for sellers in Lithuania and distributors abroad. The product submission page is made up of individual modules that are easy to duplicate, modify, and edit for each product. The website design fits into the stylistic integrity of the brand and reflects the brand philosophy. High-level aesthetics, a modestly minimalist UI, at the same time an exclusive product catalog UX, where you can create your favorite product categories and download them with a one click.


This is the first website in the Lithuanian real estate market that allows you to look around the newly built area differently. The technological solution allows the project to be viewed by turning it 360 °. Visualization interactively mark blocks, homes, flats. This allows you to create a realistic spatial view – from the whole to the details. 360 ° visualization is linked to the apartment search and labeling system.