Online store of a Lithuanian company that creates handmade candles that is sold all over the world.


Developed in Lithuania, the unique brand CandleHand boasts luxury interior design stores around the world. However, most of the products are available through the e-shop.

Product design is most important

CandleHand product creators main focus is on product details and their realism. Their goal is to convey every element of the waxy hand as accurately as possible. Therefore, when developing the design of the e-shop, the main goal was not to overshadow the design of the product. All UX graphics are geared towards loving and buying the product.

Good offer

The opportunity to create product kits is programmed on the website to encourage the purchase of larger quantities. The buyer can flexibly choose products from the kit according to the color, shape and other parameters. Such a solution allows the buyer to customize the desired products themselves and purchase more than one of them at the time.

Integration with CRM

The store is built using the WordPress content management system, with additional stand-alone technology for faster website performance and security. To improve the company's business processes, the website is integrated with Odoo's business management system. The whole buying processes, orders and stock balances are managed from the Odoo system, allowing both production and sales processes to be combined in one way to the buyer.