Cities Skylines

Website created for, a world-famous computer game – city simulation, which is included in the Top 50 list of games. The site provides all the answers to questions about the game for current and future players in interactive steps. Video backgrounds, an interactive map, city views and animation make visitors to feel already on the site like a player.

Darnu Group

The new Darnu Group brand site is characterized by a dynamic page structure that is flexible and convenient to deliver branding, company activities. Exclusive representative full-screen videos specifically designed for this website. All NT developer projects websites was integrated into one single system.


One of our biggest jobs is – a child traffic safety education system. It is a unique solution based on a game architecture that takes children on the road with 24 stops. Each stop has an information story, a test, a threat test and a game. A program participant gets badges for achievements and compete with other children in the city. We created the entire system architecture, designs with over 200 unique illustrations and fully programmed it. And the most importantly, we have contributed to the safety of children on the roads.

Versli Lietuva

For the agency “Versli Lietuva”, which promotes entrepreneurship and modern business development in Lithuania, we have updated website design and its functionality elements. In search of a better UX solution, we have redesigned the user interface design, display on mobile devices, facilitated data entry and page administration.


We created website design for one of the largest transport sales companies in the Baltic States. This is the main place of contact with the customer, so good UX/UI practices and new graphic elements solutions led to a great end result.


We have fundamentally changed the image of Amston, an HR management solutions company. Inspired by the glass works of artist Chris Wood, we have created a creative concept that shows how Amston reviews and selects candidates that match the colour of the client. The result: a new logo, a style book, image photos, press, presentations and of course new website But the main goal that has been achieved – Amston became a bright and bold market leader!


Content and graphics are targeted to a B2B group. The simulation of how the plastic granules are produced is created using 3D modelling and tells without words what the company is doing. The user understands that he has come to needed place and gets informative answers to the questions step by step.


„Primus” is one of the largest and best-rated law firms in the Baltic States. The all legal services offering company does not heap its Internet home visitor up with excessive content: all the relevant information is brief and concise. A professional team of lawyers culminates in a subtle dotted typography page. Due to a detailed filter aid the right specialist is found more operatively, and after the latter converted profile his/her dossier is deployed. In Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia legal dilemmas tangling „Primus” online home gees up to visit and not to get lost neither here nor in the impenetrable legal maze.

Learning from The Movie

digitouch! work – site Colorful, dynamic, exceptional like cinema itself. We tried to make browsing this site like movie viewing. Try it too!


Probably all of you have already been pleased to enjoy the benefits of “Mylimiausia” (“Favorite”): the multitude of cards isn’t tearing neither your wallets nor purses, and the daily concessions of the partners do not leave anybody indifferent.

Our website aims to introduce users to partners and their services, discounts, loyalty program and sales outlets. The full responsive design allows the user to fully maneuver the page with both a mouse and a finger. Partners are able to upload their offers, therefore system chooses the priorities and shares them with equal attention. Convenient and confident map helps you quickly find your favorite points of sale.

About strategies


We developed website and tool for organisation members, which develops business contacts between the UK and Lithuania. In the website installed discount booking system and event calendar. “Easy“ design is content-oriented.

Good one

Company „Good one“ brand was renewed and new website was created.  The changing circles clearly identify the experience and knowledge of the constantly changing web. It is also a well-recognized element among many companies that provide SEO services.

Venta Windows

We developed the website for window manufacturer „Venta Windows“. It`s a convenient, Scandinavian style catalog. The page includes window masters, geo-referenced portfolios, deficiency tracking systems, and many other business tools needed in this area.


The e-shop was created with the Prestashop platform. Imports of warehouse residues, import of commodity prices and discounts with the customer’s accounting system, convenient product search functionality and ordering of goods were also carried out. Several different delivery methods have been introduced, billing methods are directly linked through banks and direct billing is installed.


A new fast-food format – hearty meat pies! We were happy to have contributed to this “tasty” online food presentation. The goal – to use images to communicate flavour and encourage sales – was achieved.

Dviraciu arena

We developed an e-store on the Prestashop platform. The website was designed to be easily adaptable to the bicycle and skiing seasons. The interactive search allows users to find exactly the products they’re looking for. The attractive presentation of news and additional information will encourage visitors to buy and take an interest in bicycles and skiing culture. The store is connected with the company’s warehouse and accounting systems.


The goal of the Goodyear communication campaign executed by digitouch! was to make the globally well-known tire brand more well-known in the Baltic states. The campaign’s challenge was to identify and attract buyers to a seasonal and infrequently purchased product in an online setting. After analysing the target audience and using the most appropriate communication tools, we sought to develop a circle of potential clients while also paying attention to loyal clients. We executed the campaign during the season when summer tires are exchanged for winter ones.


The digitouch! team contributed to the Hide & SEEK TEDx conference communication topic by developing a unique identity for the event. We used a system of lines to hide content and implemented it in different formats – from advertisement displays to automobile designs and participant ID cards.

Agne Jegelaviciute

A carefully perfected idea, knowledge of one’s clients, and the selection of appropriate measures directed at your target audience are all indispensable elements of a successful advertising campaign. Together with LightHouse III, we broadly communicated that apartments can be furnished both stylishly and economically.

We executed a campaign that was joined by stylish lifestyle icon Agnė Jegelavičiūtė. Both digital and traditional advertising tools helped us achieve our goals. During the project, we increased awareness of the LightHouse III residential area, encouraged people to acquire apartments, and invited them to open-house days.